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Buzz by Guardian
Buzz (1995)
Label: Myrrh

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State Of Mine by Guardian

I wake up in the sunshine
Not a cloud is in the sky
This state of mine starts pouring down
A thorn within my mind
And I don't know why I feel this way
Psalmist with a blues harp
Knew about the darkest blues
He said his soul was downcast
Lord I feel the same way too
Won't you tell me
Why I feel this way
This way
When I look in the mirror
I tell myself I'm feeling alright
This deep soul depression
Dark whispers in my ear
Feel alright
Medicate to insulate
Might change a thing or two
But Lord I just can't shake this feeling
I'm crying out to you
Deep is calling deeper
Did you forget the one you knew
My prayers are weighed in anguish
Still I put my hope in You.



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