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Buzz by Guardian
Buzz (1995)
Label: Myrrh

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Shorty by Guardian

There's a friend of mine
Who lives up town
Ain't nothin' much
Can bring him down
Standing tall
And Shorty is his name
Shorty likes to play guitar
Shorty likes to drive his car
But Shorty knows
You can't take it when you go
Shorty's smilin'
Cuz he knows just what to do
Shorty's stylin'
He says you better get
That thing in tune
Shorty knows about true love
Shorty's saved by Jesus blood
Shorty ain't afraid
To let you know
Shorty says he likes this song
He says "play that one
That's not to long"
Shorty knows that time is short
He stands so tall
Down on his knees
Jesus mercy set him free



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