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Buzz by Guardian
Buzz (1995)
Label: Myrrh

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Lead The Way by Guardian

I got a dash-mount compass
that won't direct
I got a "get rich" guru
that calls collect
I got a psychic adviser
saying "get a lifeguard"
Im getting bad vibes off
of your deal-a-meal card

Tell me why their words
ring hollow?
Lead the way and I will follow.
If you can lead me
outta this maze

I got shrinks that send me
to victim class
I got talk show show-offs
giving me gas
I got assertiveness trainers yelling,
"shove, shove, shove"
I got no one teaching me
how to love love

The more I chew
the less I swallow
Lead the way and I will follow,
If you can lead me
outta this maze

Up we struggle
down we slide
Scared to call on a bigger guide
I'm tired of getting snowed
speed your plow
Lead the way Lord Jesus,
I'm ready now now



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