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Miracle Mile by Guardian
Miracle Mile (1993)
Label: Pakaderm

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I Found Love by Guardian

First Verse:
I was alone
without a love to show me.
Been down so many empty roads in my time
looking for a reason to live my life.
Your love and your tenderness
means everything to me.
You know your all I want
you're my reason to believe

I've been around
enough to know,
I found love
when you walked through my door.
Since you came into my life
you took away my broken heart.

Second Verse:
All my days
spent searching for that rainbow.
I've spent some lonely nights
trying to find a reason to live my life.
Your love is pouring down on me
like sweet summer rain.
Your love is the sweetest song
all of heaven sings your name

Third Verse:
I lie awake at night
and thank you for your love.
All the time that you carried me
when my world had come undone.
I can feel my love for you
growin' stronger day by day
and everything you are to me
is more than words can say



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