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Down Goes The Day by Chris Taylor
Down Goes The Day (1998)
Label: Rhythm House

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God Only Knows by Chris Taylor

I never knew you couldn't take it with you when you go
I never knew the obvious things just wouldn't show
I never thought that opinions would hold me down
I never thought that talk would kill this town
I never knew the bomb was about to explode
I never knew I had a purpose & a call
I never knew I could make such as mess of it all
I used to sow my seed into the wind
a hollow horn and now I'm born again
God knows its almost over
God knows its almost time
God only knows!
I never knew I could rise above my darkest hour
mans ego has deceived him into thinking
that he's got some kind of power
I never knew that shadows dwelled inside
I never knew they would flee in your light
I never knew you could give your soul a shower
I never knew I lived in such a dangerous land
with shiny. forbidden fruit in the palm of my hand
God knows its almost over
God knows its almost time
God knows that we've been stealing all our insight from the blind
God only knows!



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