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Fire and Love by Guardian
Fire and Love (1990)
Label: Pakaderm

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Forever and a Day by Guardian

I was just thinking about You
And all the things that we've been thru.
You never left me standing in heartache
And You've always seen me thru.

Chorus 1
I thank You for the Love
You bring me each and every day.
After all the things You've done for me,
There's only one thing I can say.

Chorus 2
Forever and a day, You know my heart will always stay,
Cause I believe in You*I believe in You.
No matter what they say, forever and a day,
I believe in You*I believe in You.

At times it gets a little bit crazy,
Sometimes I get a little bit far away.
I know the times are really changing,
But Your love stays the same.

Chorus 2

You've always been my Light in the middle of darkness.
You've always been the hope that lights my way, and forever I will stay.

Chorus 1
Chorus 2



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