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Bottle Rocket by Guardian
Bottle Rocket (1997)
Label: Myrrh

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Break Me Down by Guardian

Bought me a bargain basement laboratory
With a rack and a humpback elf.
Then I sewed together all the glory I'd collected
To immortalize my good self.
Thought I'd build me a better Frankenstein but the monster turned on me
No slobbering torchlit pitchfork mob could ever kill this vanity.

Lord, you made every part of me
I'm ready
Break me down
Won't you break me down

Made me a really monumental monument
I set each shiny brick and I grew so high a jet flew by
And the fumes sort of made me sick.
If my Father shaped the universe
Then why do I still insist
On playing God when I'm a fraud
I'm a certified narcissist.

You fashioned every part of me
I'm ready
Break me down
Won't You break me down
Do what You do to me
I know You see through see
Break me down (6x)



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