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You're My Road by Rick Cua
You're My Road (1985)
Label: Sparrow

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You're My Road by Rick Cua

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I've got a new direction
I face another place
And my main intention
Is to state Your case
In these days of reckless changes
Your hand keeps guiding me
And here I come

You're my road
You're my destination
You're my goal
You're my aspiration
It's a long way up
To a change of heart
And it's a narrow gate
That leads to where You are
And where You are is where I'm going
This highway's taking me
Where I wanna be

You're my way
And I will follow You
I will follow You
In these days of no horizon
All hope looks lost at sea
But not for me

You're my way
And I will follow you

You're my way
You're my salvation
You're my life
You're my culmination




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