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Brightblur by Massivivid
Brightblur (1998)
Label: Tattoo

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Unmade by Massivivid

I've no illusion who I am this lightning shard of me
cuts itself into reality
You look into my skin and pull me inside out
right here in front of me today
I'm running faster not in fear, but because my legs won't
You've broken me so fierce I fear my sanity's been
shattered to a thousand
tiny drops
and if You have the time won't You make nothing out of
would You be so kind as to make nothing out of me
If I could speak weak enough to speak the weakness of
my soul
I'd cease to speak at all
Here is the holy ground
the bush is burning now, but I dissolve today
the cage is opened now, You've pulled the doors and
called to me
still I want to be set free



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