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Oddities by Bride
Oddities (1998)
Label: Organic

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Under The Blood by Bride

Contradiction is the word which best suits this life
A life of right and wrong, where wrong is twisted into right
The heart is exploding and the mind is racing
And we find ourselves running out of human breath

The stale life of routine wavers and stagnates
And we experiment and toil in the fertile ground
The answers are seldom given to unpopular questions
Justify our hearts by what we selfishly hope to achieve

I will live my life
Under the blood

All signs point deliberately the other way
The road is slow and misery will be our company
For to find true peace in this life we must forsake
All reason and conscience and cleave to God's faith

Peace comes from above
I have found no other
If we remove ourselves from that hope
Can love truly prevail?



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