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Scarecrow Messiah by Bride
Scarecrow Messiah (1994)
Label: Star Song

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Time by Bride

I got a raindrop on the top of my tongue
If I get all I want I will have to give you some
I am the beggar, the thorn in the brow
I am the cross you force and twist into the ground

Butter so stiff that it wounds my bread
Got a dew drop omelette on a trash can lid
Ain't got no loafers to warm my feet
Funny paper stimulates comic strip heat

Crack vials breaking like a shotgun blast
How long can the sounds of a cat fight last
Howling at the moon for friends who have passed
On Sunday, we'll fly black flags from the mast

I've been hurting in my soul
Does anybody have the time Holy Ghost

Diesel is the smell of a Mississippi grill
Played trombone once for a delta dollar bill
Pull the snow around me snug like a blanket of wool
If I lie here to freeze to death, I'd be another fox hole fool

I got nothing new it's used , borrowed and spent
Good Friday, Ash Wednesday, and a pocket full of lent
Living in a box of cardboard and grit
Made a window, made a sign, wouldn't mind working a little bit

I can't sleep, I can't think
Life has poured me a glass that I can't drink
The rim is jagged like a razor's blade
And has left a scar that will never fade
My thoughts are daggers on every nerve
Life is a slow song with dirty words
When I get to heaven will I wear a mask
That is a question I must ask



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