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With Abandon by Chasing Furies
With Abandon (1998)
Label: Sparrow

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Thicker by Chasing Furies

I saw you first before that thick fog over-whelmed you
You came in quickly covering your eyes
So you like it, so you like it
And I can't touch you now, I can't see you now through the haze

But your laughter, it lingers now
You were melting away
And your laughter, it lingers now
You were swept away

I seem to wait forever for you to return
I think you've found someone else to talk to
Maybe someone like me, someone like me
And I call out to you, I reach out for you through the haze


Was it something about the clearness here
Was it so easy to accept as it is
Should it be thicker with more thought about it
Lost before, should have recognized
A familiar scent of fog drifting in
Drifting in. . .
Here it comes now



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