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Oneman by Oneman
Oneman (1997)
Label: Absolute

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The Way I Feel by Oneman

Another funny, sunny day
The kind that lights your eyes
And takes your breath away
Between the bitter and the sweet
Are the creamy, dreamy times
That make us feel complete

But it helps me to remember
That it didn't start this way
It was nothing like the way I feel today

Another happy time parade
A million light years from
The cable masquerade
In wide-eyed wonder wall to wall
I can't remember when I stumbled
I can't believe I'd ever fall

But tomorrow I'll remember
When this feeling walks away
It was nothing like the way I feel today
It was nothing like the way I feel today

Today the feeling feels so fine
Tomorrow I may feel like dying
The happy thing may go and come
I have to know the things I know
When all the bricks come crashing down
This hope won't leave me hopeless

This bitter pill I swallowed
The lie that rang so hollow
The circus dream I follow
No more...

I saw a dead man yesterday
While I was throwing all
My scrapbook dreams away
Jesus walked into my living room
And He rolled my stone away

And that's the reason for the way I feel today
Yeah, there's nothing like the way I feel today



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