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Moonflower Lane by Ty Tabor
Moonflower Lane (1998)
Label: Metal Blade

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The Truth by Ty Tabor

Summer wind blowing the grass on the hill
When was the last time that I stood still
The wondering comes and goes, but it's sometimes clear
I look for the Voice that will move like the wind
I pray that I don't blow it off again
The rumble of man, and my eyes, help me try not to hear
And I'm hoping there's nothing to fear

Let the Truth set me free

Yesterday tries to remind me to see
Over the tower, some place I must be
A lock on the doorway that opens the room with the key
I complicate matters believing in man
Forgetting to look at the miss happened plans
It all points to one thing that sometimes is easy to see
That's not always how it should be

Let the Truth set me free

Fascinated, complicated... super ego's been inflated
We wonder why we cry and sigh and die
And should we all believe a lie

Sunday I went to the "Church of the Hair"
Just like the Boardwalk or a big county fair
I watched the commercial and tried hard to just take it in
He said "just believe and get anything
A red lamborghini, a big diamond ring
Don't worry about the hungry and poor
We can all pray for them"
And I wonder what God thinks of him

Let the Truth set me free



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