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Tamplin by Ken Tamplin
Tamplin (1993)
Label: Benson

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Testify by Ken Tamplin

I don't care 'bout the public stare
I'm gonna burn it all across the sky
Ain't throwin' my soul to the wishing well
I'm a man that ain't got a price
Don't wanna be crushed by the winepress of passion
I'm staring through the lookin' glass
When greed and lust always seem the fashion
Yeah they finally will have met their match
Well it's time to get up, time to get out
If there ain't no cross you know there ain't no crown
Well I'm saying it clear sayin' it loud
You know I'm gonna strike 'em down

I'm gonna testify, wo oh gonna testify
Climb that ladder to the sky
Gonna testify, wo oh gonna testify

Getting right down to the real nitty gritty
It's the soul that's gonna be claimed
I've seen the Queen Of All My Sin
She held a candle to my shame
Now I'm takin' fate by the throat
When it's time for the last mystery
Wearin' the chains that I forged in life
On that highway to eternity




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