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Fiction by Mukala
Fiction (1998)
Label: Essential

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Stranger Than Fiction by Mukala

Well, I've heard tales of the weird, unusual
When weak overtake the powerful
When men struck by lightning
Come back from the dying
And fish fall down from the sky

Psycho freaked mythologies
Like the one about the beauty and the beast
It's unbelievable, extraterrestrial
How You feel for me

So how do You feel what You feel
I just scratch my head and stare at the wall

You reach for me
You die for me
Your love is stranger
Your love is stranger
Stranger than fiction

Secret agent cover-ups
Super scientific pick-me-ups
Donkeys that talk
And dolphins that walk
And sun eating supernovas

But no less a mystery
Is how You care for one like me
It's unbelievable, extraterrestrial
How You feel for me



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