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Pete Stewart by Pete Stewart
Pete Stewart (1999)
Label: Forefront

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Spinning by Pete Stewart

I read your note today,
Sitting at the table in my room.
The things I heard you say,
Made me want to stop and write this time.

I think of all the times, I've been, unfaithful,
But by Your mercy You, have kept, me stable.

It's spinning round my mind,
I'm trying to unwind,
Oh, why do we do the things that we don't want to do?
When all the time,
Your arms are open wide,
To take this man who looks to You,
While all this stuff is spinning round my mind.

I watched the tube, today,
Sipping coffee in my favorite chair.
No words could ever say,
How heavy was my head while I just stared?

I wonder if it hurts, our true, Creator,
When no one will admit, they need, a Savior


I'm grateful, so grateful,
You do not require me to,
Earn what sets me free.
Your love is so faithful,
To complete all Your work in me.

(Chorus) repeat



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