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Electric Eye by Prodigal
Electric Eye (1984)
Label: Heartland

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Scene of the Crime by Prodigal

I know it's hard to find a love that's real
In a world of steel, some wounds never heal
But after all the things you've said and done
You haven't fooled anyone; you're caught with a smoking gun

But it's over; you're caught at the scene of the crime
It's over; you can't run away this time
Caught at the scene of the crime

I know you've done your best to hide the clues
But it's front page news; your life is a burning fuse
Now the fingerprints all point to you
Are you false or True? your face is a stone tatoo


God only knows what you've been running from
God only knows what you've become
Do you think He's deaf; do you think He's blind
Can you get away with murder one more time?




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