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Relocation by Plankeye
Relocation (1999)
Label: BEC

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Say Now That You're Sorry by Plankeye

say now, that you're sorry
i forgive you i promise to
restore now, the order
that we once had before this all came
down now it's so useless
we're wasting the members that we've been given
i miss you even when i'm with you
drifting away don't drift away
now together we are stronger
can't see hope but it lasts longer
than thorns on trees and words that sting
faithful are the wounds he brings

don't let the sun go down on...

rest your seet head
lay down, now you are my best friend
and i'll be here when you rise
to part the seas that frighten your mind
doubt comes all the time
if you cry i'll cry
i'll be here when you wonder why



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