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Hostage by Resurrection Band
Hostage (1984)
Label: Sparrow

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When I was just a kid I thought everyone was true
How 'bout you
I'd stand up in school
With my hand on my heart
How true-through an' through

There goes a kid a kid with a S.O.S.
There goes a kid a kid with a S.O.S.

All of my days were spent listening to those
Around me, what they'd say
I was taking it in
And they were dishing it out
Always right, what could I say?

I was sent to Sunday school
We all learned the golden rule
Teacher thought we were all real sweet
The kids in the class swept her off her feet
That was in another time
Before confusion ripped my mind

Ideas here questions over there
Like the leaves in the trees everywhere
Climb up in one and what have you done
It really doesn't get you anywhere

Years have passed and lots of things
Have bounced between my heart and brain
From army green to down the drain
No place to go and half insane
Like the clouds that are full of rain
Jesus came down and spoke my name
No more alarm because I see you
No more alarm no more S.O.S.
No more alarm because



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