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Beginnings by Nouveaux
Beginnings (1994)
Label: Benson

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Red, White, Black and Blue by Nouveaux

Verse 1:
Looking up and down, looking side to side, all around
the world, rock the vote. Rock the vote on the tv
screen but a good man's hard to find. I've got a plan
that will change the world. That's what they all say,
read my lips. No new what? See you on election
day.Right wing left wing, black and blue. Sick of all
about the lies, how about you?

I see a picture of the nations flag in the year 2002
waving there in the poison air, red, white, black and blue.

I pledge allegiance to the flag, old red, white and
blue.Did you happen to think when you set it ablaze.
The problem might be you. My rights, your rights,
don't intrude. Me, myself and I, we forgot about you.


Verse 2
See a dying country when you look around. Listening
to yourself its hard to hear a sound. Writings on the
wall but it's so hard to see, covered by the vandals
of society.




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