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Snakes In The Playground by Bride
Snakes In The Playground (1992)
Label: Star Song

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Psychedelic Super Jesus by Bride

You say he's weak, he's a super freak
You don't believe that he came
You say God's dead, you lost your head
You've got him swinging from a chain
You can be saved but you're digging your own grave
I'm begging you to come back
King of kings the angels sing
I think the sky has cracked

That's the way you see him
Psychedlic Super Jesus

You get high to remember, take a drink to forget
It's all profanity
You still got him on a cross, your heart is lost
Nail him to a hippie tree
You say light my fire full of desire
Don't you die on me

The rope is slippin' and you're voodoo trippin'
And you're not a pretty sight to see
God is love, there is power in the blood
Seek and you will find
Today is the day, better give it away
There's no better time

Will you learn, He will return
It's no small thing to me
I'll tell you know, I'll show you how
The shining glory



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