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twoseventeen by Pax217
twoseventeen (1999)
Label: Forefront

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Prizm by Pax217

And on the 17th day of the second month,
Come a come a people let the floodgates open,
Come oh people, open.

Precipitation formed,
Colors of freedom,
A gift a Prizm.

Red, orange, yellow, blue, green, and indigo,
Is the flag of freedom,
Remind me of the sin to go.

Away away, the Promise remains,
The same yesterday as it is today.
Fall of man, and the fall of rain came.

Down from the heavens, to cleanse you and I,
Come a, come a people let the floodgates open,
Come oh people open.

(repeat chs.)

The rain comes down,
The floods wnet up.
(repeat const...)

Open the floodgates,
And let the people in.



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