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Oneman by Oneman
Oneman (1997)
Label: Absolute

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Peacehopejoy by Oneman

I've been assessing the thoughts
I've been expressing with my words
It's quite distressing when I feel
That I'm failing to be heard

This is what's in my head
I've been speaking my peace
But I get war instead
This is what's on my mind
Hiding and seeking
So hard to define

I need peace, hope, and joy
Unspeakable and full of glory
Strength, truth, and love
Peace, hope, and joy

I'm reassessing the things
That have been pressing on my time
I can't imagine a punishment
More fitting of the crime

How long will this go on
Moving in circles where I just don't belong
How long before I know
Just how far I've been brought
And how far left to go

How long will we go on
Staring at cameras and singing sad songs
This is what's on my mind
I've got too far to go
To keep looking back behind



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