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Natural by Eric Champion
Natural (1998)
Label: Essential

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Natural by Eric Champion

Well, I've been fighting myself
Beaten up again
Try to toughen up my body
So it won't give in
But this wrestling match
It seems to never end
Between my conscience and my flesh
But my flesh always wins, 'cause

It's so hard to be sunny
When your moon is high
It's so hard to act smile
When you're feeling cry
It's impossible to feel
While you're frozen cold
It's so hard to force good
When bad comes natural

Just about the time
I get the beast to quell
Then here comes along temptation
And I'm jumping bail
Well, I've got a heart of gold
That's captive to a stubborn will
I try to get my will to give
But it's like bending steel, 'cause

Numb and bloodied up
I'm finally at my end
Kept on digging my own grave
Until it caved right in
Maybe that's the answer
I've been looking for
Guess my flesh has got to die
So I can live, 'cause

When bad comes natural
When bad comes natural
When bad comes natural
It's so hard to be good
When bad comes natural



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