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Turning by Forevertree
Turning (1998)
Label: Megastorm

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Idiot Box by Forevertree

you stop and listen
to every word I say
you hear the things that offend you
but you won't turn away
the lights the sounds
the glitz the glamour
have you mesmorized
you think that I'm under control
but I'll take you by surprise

I'm the cable guy, apple of your eye
you think I'm friendly but I'm not
you think I teach you, but I eat you
again, again, again and again

grab a chair sit around my alter
take a load off with me
spend all your time, all of it is fine
you won't get bored with me
I start off small hardly noticed at all
then I slowly take over the room
you think that I'm under control
while every chair is aimed at me

give me your babies for only an hour
then realize that they're under my power
they look to me for the things that they desire
their expectations run higher and higher



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