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Moonflower Lane by Ty Tabor
Moonflower Lane (1998)
Label: Metal Blade

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I Do by Ty Tabor

Feels like a Saturday, feels just like any day
Feels like a moment suspended in time
Laughter in somebody's yard, I pull the wild card
It looks like another day everything's fine

I've got a good life
I do

My friend sees differently, or maybe he doesn't see
And he digs deeper with every blind turn
On one hand he understands
The other hand's the other hand
Sometimes he tells me he wishes he'd die

But I've got a good life
I do

On one fine school day we sat in the gym
With our friends and the cheers and the team that would win
I saw you over there and I pulled your long hair
And it happened for life, I would make you my wife

I've got a good life
I do



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