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Ping Pong Over The Abyss by 77's
Ping Pong Over The Abyss (1982)
Label: Via

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How Can You Love by 77's

she's so pretty
guys desire her instantly
they call it love at first sight

she's a sampler
and she's tasted lots of loves
in search of mr. right
she's really quite frantic
for someone romantic
someone to adore her
someone who won't bore her

he's a lover
and he loves her pretty good
but he doesn't want strings
she believed him
when he said their love was real
and they didn't need rings
so she satisfied him
she never denied him
but she wound up alone
now she's back by the phone

how can you love
if you haven't got love in your heart
you're more or less playing a part
how can you love if you only want
love in return
turn around
to the Author of love

she's heard stories
about the fairy tale end
and the dream-come-true
so she studies
paperbacks and magazines
to tell her what to do
what's a girl to do




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