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Unveiled by Whitecross
Unveiled (1994)
Label: R.E.X.

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Good Bye Cruel World by Whitecross

Just the other day my dear friend passed away
Now I'm here today, and I know I
I know I need to pick up and carry on, carry on

Won't be long until I see him, yeah

And every moment, even though you're gone
I don't have to fear
'Cause it's very clear that there's a reason
And I know for sure in a season
Time will bring the cure

Where you are is where we all long to be
The cage will soon be opened
And we will all be free

Goodbye, cruel world, oh yeah
Goodbye, cruel world, oh yes

Now I'm trying, oh to face the truth
And really see
Oh I know I need to be set free
From all the things overwhelming to me



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