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Snakes In The Playground by Bride
Snakes In The Playground (1992)
Label: Star Song

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Don't Use Me by Bride

Lazy alley mind filled my mind with crack Romans 1:28
Spooky little spinner so we called up the jack Galatians 5:21
Felt my feet dangling from the 27th floor Proverbs 13:4
I ain't no train stopping super man no more Psalms 6:2
Black out night in Philly, things were getting kinda silly
And the tattoo move right up my arm
And we knew we were losing, fuzzy eye city snoozing Isaiah 56:10
And the needle didn't leave a scar

Don't use me, don't bleed me
You see me on my knees
Don't use me, don't bleed me
You know just what I need

And the door opened wider, Ryan pitched me a slider
And the lights went out for seven weeks
There's a certain kind aroma when your body's crashing coma
And you're too tongue tied to speak
Real easy to hustle, got a brain storm muscle
Buzzing like a bumble bee
Rocky cut me to the floor, I got kicked by the horse
It's something like I've never seen

Got a friend with a monkey and don't you think it's kinda funky
He's a real Judas kiss
Found him face down in bed, drive by shooter dead
Times like this I won't miss
When he came to from his haunting blue
I said a miracle has happened to me Ephesians 2:5
Found myself staring in the eyes of someone caring John 11:25
He said boy want to set you free John 8:32

I could never imagine salvation and compassion Acts 4:12
Or a life without guilt and pain
Jesus cried drops of blood in the garden with His love I Corinthians 1:18
So we would believe on His name I John 3:23



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