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Pete Stewart by Pete Stewart
Pete Stewart (1999)
Label: Forefront

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Don't Underestimate by Pete Stewart

Father, time will be the one to tell,
If we can wait.
I may never understand myself,
While time is escaping away.
How do You seem to know,
What's right for me?

Love's got me thinking I can fly,
So don't underestimate my size.
(Cause when it all comes down I,
Want You by my side).
Everytime I go and lose my way,
You take me there.
You can always find the words to say,
Ya turn all my heartaches to prayers.
How do you seem to know,
What's right for me?

I woke up this morning,
Thinking only of Your face.
I am not a person,
Until You invade my space.
Only you, only you, only you,
Thinking of You.



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