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Fist Full of Bees by Bride
Fist Full of Bees (2001)
Label: Absolute

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Beginning Of The End by Bride

drinking coffee from a cup three days old
looking for an antibody, toxin a miracle drug
the life inside has lost human rights
it's a legal crime it's an issue of life
it's the beginning of the end
everybody listen got to tell you something

WHAT? Your body is the temple
WHAT? you are not your own
HOPE! maketh not ashamed
I KNOW! For he dwells in me

politics are assassins doctors, dig the graves
partial birth abortions my Jesus saves
he came to give life give it abundantly
activist abuse freedom executes liberally

It's the beginning of the end
it's the beginning of the end


you label them embryo call them fetus
practice of a humanist made in his image
hardness of the heart reprobate mind
malignant intentions bingeing on the lie

It's the beginning of the end
It's the beginning of the end




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