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Scarecrow Messiah by Bride
Scarecrow Messiah (1994)
Label: Star Song

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Beast by Bride

The devil's head is along the highway
He's electric with nothing to say
Not an easy road in the heat of the day
I'm sick and tired of the tolls I've got to pay

Do you fill my head with lies
I'm sleeping uneasy tonight
My body is broken and I am shaking inside

Pearls before the swine love is higher law
The purple sky brings out the hungry dogs
Sonny boy Williamson can you tell me what went wrong
Can I have your shoulder to lean on

When a child is unwanted they say justice falls
Let's go into the poor neighborhoods and machine gun them all
Salvation is a dove and a branch the rainbow crucified
Chill the Messiah who is your Jesus Christ.



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