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Fantastic Distraction by Dime Store Prophets
Fantastic Distraction (1998)
Label: Sarabellum

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All About You by Dime Store Prophets

Sometimes I am who I am
And sometimes who I want to be
Sometimes I can see for miles
And sometimes just in front of me
Sometimes it is pure passion
Sometimes it's TV

Sometimes it is make-believe
And other times the real thing
Sometimes I'm you worst nightmare
And then some kind of perfect dream
Sometimes it's another song
Another place, another time

Message sent
To the one that I love
Did you get
The transmission that I'm sending
I'm dialed in to your frequency

It's all about you
It's all about you

Sometimes I'm a new creation
Other times I'm my old man
Sometimes I sing with the angels
Then regret belligerence
Sometimes I'm under your skin
And sometimes I'm far away

Sometimes my Fender's at 10
Full of chaos, angst, and rage
Sometimes it's a simple note
Sung to quell the wanderer's pain
Sometimes it's my old guitar
Trying to sound like a symphony



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